Saturday, 23 April 2011

hello from sunny Somerset

I haven't written for ages! I have been very busy trying to move house. We have almost sold our London flat - just waiting to exchange and complete. In the meantime we have all moved to Somerset. Me and S&M are loving it but poor Richard is having to commute to London every day. It's a long commute which is why we have put an offer in on a house near Winchester. At the moment we are in limbo land until we exchange. All our London furniture is in store and I have had to cram all our stuff into this house. We have been so lucky with the weather - it's been glorious since we moved here 3 weeks ago.
I have been making jewellery as well as all the other stuff. Not as much and quite a bit of it is for myself. I am loving my tumbler. The things come out of it so shiny - its amazing. Here's a few piccies of some things I have made.