Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Phew - nothing on my blog since May!! In that time my sister Gill has got married to Richard (me and my sister are both married to 'Richard's' and my niece Lisa also has a partner called Richard. We call them Richard I, II and III). That's me with the red dress and black hat and my cousin Gerry chucking confetti over my sister's head. We had a lovely day and everything went off perfectly.
Then me and Richard I went on honeymoon with Gill and Richard II. (Bizarre I know but a long story). We went on a cruise from New York to Bermuda and the Bahamas. It was wonderful. Especially Coco Cay a private island where the water was warm and so clear you could see the fish swimming around you. I floated on my back for ages and got sunburn on my forehead which rarely sees the light of day.
Messed up the photos again but they are Richard I in the stocks in Bermuda, me, Gill and Richard II having drinks before dinner on the ship.
Now I am in sunny Somerset with a stall at the Village Hall, Queen Camel on Saturday morning. I have made some lovely wire creations that I am hoping to do well with.