Friday, 20 May 2011

Less than two weeks to go!

Getting very close now - very exciting.  The Somerset house is on the market and we have had a couple of viewings. 

I did a jewellery sale at Abbey View Nursing Home in Sherborne yesterday and we raised £141 for their charity.  I was selling off my old stock at rock bottom prices. 

I made this lovely summery necklace and earrings in blue dyed agate yesterday.  My first try at forming corners in silver (the pendant).  Tempted to keep it myself but I have already made a peridot set to go with my new green dress so I mustn't be too greedy!

Not long til our holiday - off to Sardinia with Gill and Richard II (sister and brother in law) and of course Richard I.  S&M are going back to Victoria in London as we haven't found anyone in Winchester yet and they do all love each other. 

Gill and Richard II 1st wedding anniversary tomorrow - can't believe their wedding in Bath was a year ago.  Me and Richard will be celebrating our 12th anniversary on 29th May.

What do you think of my handcrafted earwires - I love the fact that they are so curvy. 

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

No longer Londoners!

We completed on our flat on Friday - hurray!  Our flat was featured in the Evening Standard because it was in the same Mansion Block as Yoko Ono used to live when she was seeing John Lennon (Hanover Gate Mansions).  Not missing London yet but I will be going back soon to get more jewellery supplies and go shopping!  She picture of Megan in our garden - does she look like she's missing London????

I have made a few rings and bracelets since my last entry (see pictures). 

We have exchanged contracts on the Winchester house and are due to complete on 3rd June.  We have also put the Somerset place on the market (where we are living now).  Richard is finding the commute a bit challenging but he does manage to do his emails on the train which is good.

We are off to Sardinia with Gill and Richard on 15th so it's all happening.  I need to get talking to people in Winchester about the craft fairs etc and get myself booked in before its too late. 

I must say it's nice to be able to hammer without the neighbours complaining.  Talk soon