Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Jellyfish and a perforated ear drum!

and that's not all!  We came back from Menorca the day the French air traffic controllers decided to strike.  We were delayed for 6 hours.  I only chose to go to Menorca because it was less than 2 hours on a plane.  We got on the plane after an hour, started taxiing (is that a word??) along the runway and heard a thud.  It seems that something broke off the tow thing (technical term) and we had to wait for an engineer.  He arrived eventually and said we would have to wait for an engineer to be flown from Majorca so we all had to get off the plane.  6 HOURS in total on a plane in the heat with hundreds of screaming under school age children - God knows how the parents coped as I didn't do very well.

Back to the jellyfish.  The beaches in the south were full of jellyfish so no swimming even if you could brave the cold water.  Richard went scuba diving and was in such a rush to get away from the jellyfish that he dived to quickly and perforated his eardrum so we had to see the local doctor etc etc.

Apart from all that we had a lovely holiday.  Then when you get back you have all the washing and post and emails etc - is it worth it?  The weather was amazing.......

I have been busy doing local craft markets and I am selling at the Hursley village Fete on Saturday 11.30 til 3pm.  Fingers crossed for some lovely weather and lots of sales of my stunning jewellery!

I have been experimenting with copper and brass with some amazing results.  Take a look at my folded leaf in copper.  Those colours were achieved by heating the copper - quite incredible and great fun.  The water cast charms on my other pendant are made by melting sterling silver and then dropping it into cold water.  Great fun again unless you set fire to the new oak worktop!

My work is selling well at the Tourist Information Centre in Winchester - thanks to all those tourists who bought my work!!  I have closed my Folksy shop as I have started a shop with wowthankyou.com and need the time to concentrate on that and my sosensational directory what with that and Facebook, pinterest, linkedin, twitter etc etc it's hard to find time to make jewellery.

I will show you some photos from our holiday complete with jellyfish, birds nest and spooky sheep.