Thursday, 13 May 2010


Just made a great necklace and bracelet. I love the colours purple and mauve and make a lot of stuff with amethyst stones and Swarovski crystals. This necklace has a handcrafted pure silver flower as a pendant. I made the flower with silver art clay which when fired turns into pure silver 99.9% or something like that. I love working with it but it is very expensive unlike polymer clay! Anyway, my eyes are hurting from all that stringing of amethyst chips, so just take a look.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Better late than never. Took S & M to Hampstead Heath on Sunday. They loved it! We then walked to the Spaniards Inn and had a lovely lunch - it was packed as usual. Have a look at these pictures of S & M on the Heath. This is them inside an old tree. The next one is of them inside the wigwam they have built.
This blog is more about dogs than jewellery, but they are my other obsession.
Made a headpin for my niece Claire who is getting married in September. Also made a tiara for the first time. I was practising so I used faux pearls but fully intend to make another with the real thing which will end up on this site.
Sorry but I seem to have messed up and my pictures are all in the wrong order! Not very good at this kind of thing but bear with me and I will improve.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010


We are back from a 10 day break in Somerset to see the family. Richard qualified as a scuba diver while I made masses of jewellery! S&M had a lovely time running around the fields and eating rabbit droppings - lovely.... Before we left I took this amazing picture in Regent's Park.
Back to the jewellery. I am loving making things with wire at the moment. When my fingers got too sore I made some bridal things. Its great fun making spirals and making your own fixings eg. clasps, jump rings etc. is very rewarding. Above is a picture of one of my creations made from gold plated wire, lapis lazuli and blue fire agate stones - going on the website soon. I also made this fab ring from silver plated wire and Swarovski crystals.