Thursday, 31 May 2012

ACJ Exhibition

I really enjoyed the Association for Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition that I took part in earlier this month.  I learnt a lot and it was great to chat to other jewellery designer/makers.  I will attach a photo of my exhibition display.  I sold 4 items in total which I was very pleased with. 

Now I am preparing for the Hampshire Country Fair at Broadlands for the Jubilee weekend.  Richard and I will be there for 3 days, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  I will have two tables and I have bought more display items.  I hope the weather hold out and we get lots of attendees.  I will be in the Craft Village. I will let you know how I get on.

The builders are working hard on our new kitchen as I speak - very noisy! 

Richard has been working hard on the garden, assisted of course by Sophie.  We are like Tom and Barbara from the Good Life.  If all goes to plan we will have so much produce that we will have a stall at the roadside selling fruit and veg and not jewellery!

Well I had better get back to it..... I'll let you know how I get on.

Yes, I know, my obsession with flowers continues!  I just love them!  Look at those colours.  The jewellery's not bad either!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

It was never like this in London!

What a day I have been having!  Firstly I decide to have a look at Sophie's paw as she kept licking it.  Her paw was was fine and then I found a bit of biscuit on her face.  Tried to pull it off but it was stuck.  I got out my magnifying glass and it still looked like a bit of biscuit but I decided to get my tick remover anyway.  I managed to remove quite a large tick from her face.  Yuck.  The first time I have ever done that.  I usually go to my neighbour.  On the tick remover details it said "dispose of the tick carefully".  What does that mean?  I decided to poor boiling water over it - I did feel slightly bad about that as I do have Buddhist tendencies.  I have kept it for Richard to see so that he knows what they look like. 

When that was over I decided to take S&M out for their morning walk.  On the way back something pooped on Megan's side.  I thought it was just water so tried to brush it off - it was brown and not smelly - squirrel poop?  Who knows - wiped my brown hand on some grass to clean it.

Back in the garden, Sophie wants me to throw a stone for her - she picks a large rock - I tell her it's too big but she doesn't listen so I throw it and it lands on her head.  She seems fine, if a little stunned.   I bend down to pick up a smaller stone and guess what - its a big chunk of pigeon poop!  I wipe my hand on the grass again!

Then I decide both dogs needs a shower.  That goes well - no problems.  Afterwards I decide to give my hair a brush and - yes you guessed it - brown poop is in my hair and all over my hairbrush!

On a sadder note, it is Richard's mother's funeral tomorrow.  She made it to 99 which is good going.  We have spent the last two days sorting out the Order of Service!

I did the craft fair at the Discovery Centre in Winchester last month.  Bit of a disaster sales wise!  Next week I am doing an Exhibition at Hillier Gardens near Romsey in Hampshire.  There will be 23 members of the Association for Contemporary Jewellery exhibiting.  The exhibition lasts from 11th - 20th May.  I will be there at weekends and the Thursday and Friday afternoons.  I am also doing the Discovery Centre again. 

I have been working on a range of silver jewellery that I am hoping may be displayed in the Tourist Information Office in Winchester.  I also made myself a lovely mixed blue agate necklace to go with all the blue clothes I have been buying - obviously the colour for the summer season.  I will attach some piccies of other pieces I have made recently.

I think we will have to start building an ark if this weather continues.  The builders are starting work on our utility room next Tuesday and then the kitchen.  Then it's all done!  We have accepted an offer on our house in Somerset which will help with paying for the kitchen.

Well that's all I can think of at the moment.  Oh and I am on a trial of varifocal contact lenses for a month - they are OK but lenses never seem quite a good as glasses.  They are monthly lenses and much cheaper than the dailies I was using.

Better go and make jewellery or clean up poop!

The flowers are sweet peas - don't they look different up close!  I like to use stuff from the garden in my photos although I know there should be nothing to take the eye off the jewellery.