Saturday, 17 March 2012

My toe is not straight!

I went to see my surgeon this week and he is a bit disappointed that my big toe is slanting to the right again.  He said when I left the operating table it was completely straight.  Shame.  But at least toe doesn't hurt any more and big ugly lump has gone!  You can't have everything.

Been making lots of stuff this week.  Necklaces and rings.  Rings, they drive me crazy.  Solder then unsolder (this is attaching the bezel to the ring shank.  It is so hard to get it straight.  But I keep going until it's right.  Piccies to follow.  Hall, stairs and landing almost finished now.  It looks lovely.  Will take some pictures at some stage.  Only kitchen and utility to go now.  Sophie is 6 years old today!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

I got my foot back!

Wow it was so good when I didn't have to cover my foot in a plastic bag, wrap it in cling film and fix it with masking tape (and the water still got in) when I have a shower.  I am walking the dogs again now.  Not very far - to the playing field and back, but it is progress.  I was very lucky that my neighbour Angela helped out for 4 weeks.

Throughout it all I have still been making jewellery.  My stepdaughter Jo has changed the look of my website for me as I am such a technophobe! 

The building work is on-going.  The hall, stairs and landing are nearly finished.  Its all looking amazing.  Only the kitchen and utility room to go now!

I did a commission for my friend Penny (see picture) a necklace and matching earrings made from silver art clay (binder burns off and you are left with pure silver).  Amazing stuff.  I also made a geko in sterling silver for my stepdaughter Charlotte (she has a pet geko). 

I had a man from a blind company come round to measure up for a curtain for our front door and my assistant Megan grabbed his trousers and tore them!  A really big tear!  I was so embarrassed!  She loves to grab people's trousers as they walk past.  For anyone new to my blog my assistant Megan is a miniature schnauzer!  See previous picture of her in my studio.

I have been busy making chain from silver wire.  I made a small chain with violet pearls (picture to come next time) and haven't done anything with the larger rings yet.  I did so much hammering of the rings that I now have pain in my fingers.  I had better take some photos of my new stuff before the light goes or it rains.