Friday, 24 September 2010

Back from Nice

Hi - had a wonderful time in Nice. Lovely hotel on the front, great crowd of people and wonderful weather who could ask for more! Only problem was that someone stole the tour guide's bags containing, not only her passport, money and credit cards but also our return rail tickets from Nice to Paris and Paris to London - all first class seats but of course the French railway people insisted that we all had to pay again for the first lot of tickets and some of us had to re-pay for our Eurostar tickets as well! They did let Rosie back into the country without her passport - nightmare journey home - not sure about rail travel now - seems as bad as flying! Maybe we will stick to cruising. Attaching some piccies of our trip. The first one is a bunch of us having a drink on the terrace outside the hotel. The second is the casino in Monaco where we lost 50 euros at roulette. The third is me and Richard having a mega expensive lunch on the beach at Cannes and the final one is all of us stuck by the Eurostar terminal in Paris for two hours!!! Working hard for the Cabbages and Frocks market on Saturday - I hope the weather clears up as it's terrible here at the moment. Jo (Richard's daughter) is helping me on the day so it will be good to have someone younger on my stall!
S&M had a fab holiday in Camden but they are not liking this rain. Have made a couple of new rings and some earrings this week. I will let you know how I get on on Saturday.

Friday, 10 September 2010

must show you this before we're off on holiday!

S&M are ready and waiting for Victoria to collect them for their holiday in Camden! Tomorrow morning we set off for the South of France. In the meantime, check out this wonderful necklace I have just managed to make before we go. In the process of wiring on the plum heart in the middle of the silver plated heart I stabbed myself in the finger with the wire - don't worry though, I have washed all the blood off ha ha!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Weekend at Wend's

pearl bracelet
pearl necklace
the happy couple
Pam & Dave
Sophie swimming!
Richard with S&M Me & Wend
Had a lovely weekend with Wendy and also managed to get together with friends Pam and Dave on the Sunday for a lovely ferry ride over to Hamble and a very boozy lunch in the pub. Unfortunately the weather wasn't good but we managed to go to Southsea on the Saturday. A good time was had by all (including S&M). They were very well behaved apart from spending the nights on Wend's bed!
Then last weekend was my niece Claire and Rhys' wedding in Wales. They were so lucky with the weather last Saturday and everything went wonderfully, having been organised by Claire. I made Claire's earrings and bracelet and also the bridesmaids earrings and necklaces. (see pictures).
We are off on holiday to Nice in the South of France on Saturday. The weather is forecast to be very good so I hope they are right. S&M are staying with Victoria in Camden for 8 days. They love her so much they almost don't want to come home. S&M stayed in kennels when we went to Wales for the wedding - they seemed OK afterwards but very pleased to see us!
Have managed to make some jewellery - lots of bracelets. I'll be back after the holiday. XX