Thursday, 2 August 2012

What's that in the pool?

Is it a shark - no it's Richard testing his scuba gear to make sure the mice didn't chew through it!  He kept it in the garage over the winter and they ate most of his towel.  Sophie is very perplexed by the whole thing!

I had a good time in London - lunch with Debs and dinner with Richard but unfortunately Anne couldn't make it.  I got some amazing freshwater pearls in Bellores in Hatton Garden.  They are called triable pearls - great colour for my autumn/winter collection!  See pictures.

I am driving to Somerset tomorrow to see my mum and my sister and her husband.

Been picking raspberries in the garden today - still loads of them.  I am freezing them separately and then when I have a glass of white or rose wine I pop a couple into the glass - lovely.

Weather still rubbish - what can you do eh!