Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Just call me Big Foot

Well, I had my bunion surgery and I am doing fine except I can't wait to get this bandage off and get my foot back.  It comes off next Thursday and then I can wear sandals! 

The renovations are ongoing and its the plastering of the hall, stairs and landing at the moment.  Apart from that the upstairs is all done now.  Just the kitchen, utility room and breakfast room to go.

Despite all this I have still managed to make some jewellery and book a lot of fairs/exhibitions for this coming year.  I am attaching a picture of my new assistant Megan and my foot of course.  Then a couple of my new makes.  Had to move my new rolling mill out of the garage as I was worried that it was going to go rusty and I could never get to it without clambering across all the builders stuff in the garage.  So now have to find a way of fixing it to the desk - may have to get a work bench - my birthday is coming up!

I made a fused ring yesterday.  I tried to look on line to see if I should be making it round and flattening it but I couldn't find anything quite like it!  I think it's really nice and looks very organic.  I may add a small amethyst stone to it.  I think if I try to make it look perfect it will lose it's organic feel so I am going to leave it.  I'll attach a photo of it - let me know what you think.  It was great fun to make.

The pendant and the bangle were textured with my rolling mill.  I made the chain myself!  Very pleased with it.