Monday, 18 January 2016


Hi - yes I know it's been a long time. 

The first thing I need to mention that I gave changed my trading name from Lynette Jewel to Lynette Vickery Jewellery.  You can still find me on Lynette Jewel for a while so you can use either.

I had a bumper year in 2015.  I taught myself sand casting last January and it really took off.  The main favourites were shells:  whelks, mussel shells, clams and starfish.   Then there were the acorns, poppy seed heads and poppy seed head caps.  In fact they all did very well. 

This year I am going to continue with the sand casting (because I love it) but incorporating more gemstones and sea glass. 

I am also doing a lot of fused silver.  I gather together different pieces of silver and place them artistically!  I then use my small torch to heat the pieces to get the effect I want without melting too much which results in a hole!  You never know what the result will be but if I don't like them, I just start again.  I think I must have been a pyromaniac in a previous

life as I seem to enjoy using my torches. 

I am also re-visiting etching.  When I first starting etching I found the results difficult to sell but just before Christmas it all turned around and the items were flying off the shelf.  Maybe it takes a while for people to catch up with me ha ha.

Anyway, please take a look on my website, in the meantime I am posting a few pictures for you.