Thursday, 21 October 2010

Busy selling jewellery

Wow - that was a big gap! I did the Cabbages and Frocks market with Jo on 25th September. Did OK - one lady bought 3 of my wire rings and I sold a necklace and a bracelet. There were a lot of people walking through but not many people buying. It was a sunny day but cold - my feet were numb - must wear thick socks and walking boots next time!
Mary Clare Buckle has sold 4 of the items I left with her in Abbotsbury which is OK.
I then went back to Somerset and did the Dorset Arts and Crafts Show in Sherborne. Not very busy, and not many people buying. I sold a ring and a pair of earrings in two days. Very disheartening. I did sell 7 of my wire rings to a shop in Sherborne called Mabers.
Off to Southampton on Saturday to stay with Wend again and we are all going to Beryl's birthday party. Then I have another Cabbages and Frocks market on 6th November with my niece Lisa. Hopefully people will be buying Xmas pressies by then. Hope its not too cold.
While I was away I made some lovely things with garnets - see piccies.