Tuesday, 27 September 2011

I got my mojo back!

Yey, I have been working!  Made a lovely mixed freshwater pearl necklace (see piccie) and a couple of pairs of small earrings.  I have done 3 craft shows in the area and have sold 8 pairs of little earrings.  I also sold my lovely silver ring with the cut out circles.  I have lots more shows to do before Xmas.  I guess people buy earrings because they are cheaper than necklaces and bracelets and with the current climate people are not splashing out.  I was asked if I had "anything for less than £1" by a little boy and a girl who wanted something for £2.50.  I may try little things for kids to give their mum's for Christmas. 

We have asbestos in all our artexed ceilings - we had no idea they used asbestos in artex.  Apparently you either skim over the ceilings or take them down - I know which option I am going for!

Our gas boiler packed in yesterday as well and I am waiting for the gas man to turn up.  Sophie and Megan are being groomed this afternoon - they don't know it yet!

Megan is OK now but on her special diet, which she doesn't mind.  Anyway, back to work!

Monday, 19 September 2011

It's all taken off!

I have been busy finding venues for craft shows and I am now signed up for 8 shows before we go away in December. 
I did the Discovery Centre in Winchester on 10th September.  A very nice venue with a huge window behind me which showed off my silver very well.  I did OK for September.
I am doing the Discovery Centre again in November.  Check out my website for the other shows I have lined up.
Poor Megan has been in the wars since I last wrote.  She started weeing all the time and eventually had blood in her urine.  We took her to the vets who said she probably had a urine infection.  She had an injection and some antibiotics and away we went.  She seemed to improve but then it started again and she passed a stone about the size of a cherry stone.  We thought that was the end of it and then she couldn't wee.  That obviously is very dangerous so she had to have a scan and they found another stone stuck in her urethra which she was trying to pass but couldn't.  They had to operate, and having just found out that she  has a heart murmur we were very worried.  She had the op and everything is fine now, apart from the fact that she has to be on a special diet for the rest of her life to stop her from getting further stones.  No more treats - poor little thing. 
I did a taster session with the World of Beads in Winchester on lampwork beadmaking.  Great fun made quite a few beads but not sure whether to spend out to buy more equipment. 
Other than all that, everything is fine and we are settling in very nicely in Hursley.  I'll keep you posted on how the shows go.