Friday, 11 March 2011

She liked it!

I gave Amanda the bracelet this morning and she was thrilled with it. I am so pleased. What a challenge that was - I learned so much from making it.
I am doing an Art and Craft show in Highgate at Lauderdale House on Sunday. Fingers crossed that I do well. I will be showing my new silver creations for the first time. I'll let you know.
I have been using my disc cutter but have found it so hard to cut the discs - I know I am weak but that is crazy! I am taking it to Somerset where I can use the garage and not annoy the neighbours with my hammering! With Richard's assistance I managed to make some earrings from discs of silver and copper (see picture). I cut the discs out and then used the doming set to dome them. I then drilled holes in them and added jump rings and handmade earwires - pretty good eh!
I have also been using my new tumbler. It is great - I leave the items in it for about two hours and they come out really shiny.
We have sold the flat in London (subject to contract) and hopefully nothing will go wrong. We should be moving to Somerset within a couple of weeks. Then we need to find a property in Winchester as the commute to London is shorter. We are off to Somerset tonight, taking lots of things with us. S&M are with Victoria for the weekend and coming back on Monday morning. I am going to miss Regent's Park, it is beautiful at the moment with all the daffodils.