Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Will it ever stop raining!

I am sick of this weather, lets have a summer please!

I did very well on days one and two of the Hampshire Country Show in June.  I was very upbeat about outdoor shows etc until day three when it rained!  I sold absolutely nothing - everyone was wet and cold, including us and we all packed up early.  That taught me a valuable lesson about outdoor shows - if you don't get good weather you may as well forget it.  I just hope the weather improves for the Romsey Show in September. 

I did very well at the Discovery Centre in Winchester in June and July.  I am selling a lot of pearl jewellery at the moment.  Unfortunately I couldn't get a table for Oct, Nov and December which is such a shame.  However, I am on the waiting list so you never know.

All the work Richard did on the garden has been ruined by the weather.  So many slugs and snails.  Our garlic was successful and our broad beans and raspberries but the strawberries have been terrible - I think the slugs had most of them.

We have booked a holiday for September so that is something to look forward to.  We are cruising the med for two weeks. 

My niece Lisa and my sister Gill and her husband Richard came to stay for a long weekend.  Lisa is getting married next August so we went into Winchester and she tried on some dresses.  She looks amazing in them all! 

I am off to London for the first time this year.  First stop Hatton Garden.  Meeting my friend Deb for lunch and my other friend Anne after work. 

Sophie went walkabout in the village yesterday.  She ran off when she saw other dogs approaching us near the school.  I was told she was outside the butchers but by the time I got there she had run off again.  Finally when I gave up and went home, she was there sitting by my car looking very hot, scared and thirsty.  She is on the flexi lead from now on!

I have been making some lovely jewellery and I am attaching a few piccies - see more on my website.