Sunday, 14 April 2013

scary snake moment!

We were about to take the dogs for a walk this morning; got to the top of the garden and I saw a rather large grey snake lying in the sun!  Richard has a serious snake phobia so I told him to stay back and called on Martin our neighbour for help.  He came over and said he thought it was an adder.  Sophie was barking and we were worried she might get bitten.  Martin gave it a little nudge with a stick and it weaved off into next doors' garden.  Richard was so traumatised.  We carried on with our walk and later Martin came over with a print out - our snake was a grass snake.  Phew!  Richard still not happy; bit like someone telling me that spiders can't hurt you.  At least we know the dogs are safe.  The article said that they like water - better check out the swimming pool before we get in.  I had no idea that grass snakes were large and silvery grey - for some stupid reason I thought they would be green......

Back to the jewellery making.  I have been doing very well this year.  Probably due to the fact that I am now taking credit card payments with my Worldpay account.  It has made a huge difference to my sales. 

I did the teacher's conference in Bournemouth over Easter and that was very successful - I now know all about OFSTED etc.  What a lovely group of people they were.  Then on Thursday evening I did Girls Night In at the Discovery Centre in Winchester.  Three lovely lady authors came along to tell us about their books and a few of us had stalls.  I sold 5 items so was very pleased.  Next Sunday I am doing a wedding show in Winchester.  My first ever wedding show - I'll let you know how I get on. 

I have been experimenting with mixing small amount of copper or brass with my silver and then using Renaissance wax to stop it from tarnishing.  The effect is very pretty.  I have also been making brooches and pins - another first.  Out of 3 brooches/pins I have sold 2 already.  I will attach some pictures for you to look at.

I have been getting more earrings together for a display at the Tourist Information Centre in Winchester and I have some new gift boxes with on the top.  They are black with silver script from the Tiny Box Company.

I have a new commission.  A lady has asked me to make her a band ring with a ray's tooth mounted on it.  Watch this space.....