Friday, 5 September 2014

eek - has it been that long!!!

I haven't written up my blog since April.  Where does the time go. 
What a lovely summer we had, I wish it would never end but I think it has.
I am working towards Christmas now (I know, dirty word) and I have two exhibitions this Christmas.  The ACJ "Winter Jewels" is back for another year.  Exhibiting through December at Hilliers near Romsey.  I am also doing an exhibition though November and December in Havant at The Spring Arts and Heritage Centre.   The latter is a first for me so I am not sure what to expect.  Let's hope I do well.
I have been making lots of new pieces.  I have been etching which I was rather scared about but I have been thrilled with the results.  My next new thing is going to be casting in the new year.  Also a bit scared about pouring molten silver into cuttlefish or sand but must try it.  I have also revisited my fusing which I love.  I will attach some photos.
I am in Salisbury at the Farmers and Artisan Market on Sunday and then it's the Romsey Show on the 13th Sept.  I am looking forward to that one as I always do well and meet lots of lovely people.
I shall be trying to get away to see the alpacas if I get a chance as I love them.  I want one!
Our holiday in Dubai was wonderful.  Richard swam with the sharks in the Dubai Mall Aquarium and really enjoyed it.  See rather blurred image.  We then cruised back on the QM2 which was very relaxing.
I have got a bike and it has been a wake-up call as you know the saying "you never forget how to ride a bike" - very true but what they don't tell you is when you last rode a bike at the age of 10 it was much easier than it is later in life!  When going up hill I have to get off and push the bike as my leg muscles are not strong enough.  I will keep at it though and I am determined to get stronger.
S&M are fine.  Meggie had an ear infection and Soph had harvest mites but they get over these things.  Meggie had her dew claws removed which was not as bad as expected considering she is 7 years old.  I will post the photos now.