Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Back in the countryside

Here we are back in our Somerset village. Richard is back in London working hard. S&M are exha usted what with all this heat and trying to avoid the cows etc. They are getting better now - they just ignore them which is an improvement on barking at them.
Have made some jewellery. Got a spiral maker which I cannot get to make spirals but a good wire twister and a gizmo that makes coils into metal beads - very good when you get the hang of it. I will post some piccies of what I have done with the latter gizmo. Made a ring out of twisted wire in purple and green and a bracelet with turquoise glass beads and hand made clover spacers. I also have a rack for my pliers so they are all neat now and not in a huge heap!
Deb and Gerry's wedding went brilliantly - she looked lovely and the weather was fantastic. What a great time we had. See piccie.
Well that's all for now - off shopping with my sister Gill this afternoon.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Lyme Regis

I took some jewellery to a gallery in Lyme Regis on Saturday and they bought 13 out of 15 pieces. Very exciting. Two of the items are the amethyst necklace and bracelet further down in my blogs.
Did OK at the craft fair in the village but not wonderful. I have made 3 pairs of stud earrings and a pearl bracelet this week. See piccies.
I decided to close my shop on Misi to concentrate on my own website and my Folksy site.
I got some lovely new stones in Lyme Regis one of which is an amethyst geod which is so pretty. I had never heard of them before. Then I got some more semi-precious stones from Buffy's Beads near Carnaby Street.
Took S&M to Lyme where they had great fun playing in the rock pools. Megan is such a daredevil - she was diving off of great big rocks - scary stuff. We also took them to their favourite stream in Sherborne where Sophie chased into the water after sticks and swam back with them. Might not sound such a big deal but this is a dog that nearly drowned in a water trough in France - that's another long story but she was saved by a dog called Hugo who came to get us and took us to her - she couldn't get out and would have drowned if it hadn't been for her friend.
Off to Somerset for a week next week after going to my friend Debs wedding in Essex. Hope the weather stays good for her and Gerry - photos later!

Monday, 12 July 2010

busy, busy

Have been so busy marketing my website, signing up for craft fairs and sitting at this laptop! I rarely get the time to make jewellery. I have signed up to Facebook and UK handmade. Have now started chatting on line and showing my new things. It's hard work let me tell you.....
These are a couple of things I have had time to make. The butterfly necklace started life as a bag charm/keyring but became so large I decided to make it a pendant! Not for the faint-hearted but very eyecatching!
The first item is so pretty, the colour is lovely - it's a choker and the pendant is all my own work. See these items on my website http://www.lynettejewel.com/ or they are on Folksy and Misi under lynettejewel.
S & M are hating this weather - far to hot to run in the park - they can't wait for winter. I am loving it. Another wedding coming up on 24th July, then another in August and another in September. Let's hope the weather holds out for all of them.
The craft fairs I have signed up for are at Cabbages and Frocks market in Marylebone, London. The first one is on 7th August. I have never done any selling in London so it's a bit scary.