Friday, 12 October 2012

Free Running Spider!

Whew scary thing happened last night.  Me and Richard and S&M were watching the TV when I saw something drop from the mantlepiece into the log basket next to the fire.  I told Richard and he looked rather sceptical.  However he started to look through the log basket and found an enormous spider which he duly dispatched.  I can't believe it just jumped over a metre into the basket.  First larger spider of the season and I only have 2 conkers!

I have done very well on the selling jewellery side.  The Romsey Show was a huge success - we were so lucky with the weather.  I am also selling some small silver items at the Tourist Information Office in Winchester which is great news.  I am displaying there through until January.  I am back at the Discovery Centre in Winchester tomorrow and November and December.

In December me and about 22 other members of the Association for Contemporary Jewellery are exhibiting again at Hilliers near Romsey for the entire month.  I am busy getting my collection together for that.  I am also doing the Contrasts Contemporary Jewellery Fair in Rowland's Castle on the 3rd November.  This is a very busy time of year and very exciting.  My friend Deb and her husband Gerry came to stay for the weekend and she bought 3 items of jewellery.  (At a knock down price I might add!).

Megan has "dry eyes".  I am having to put cream in her eyes every day.  They seem a bit better but I think I may have to do that for the rest of her life. 

We had a lovely cruise round the Med in September.  We both came back with stinking colds and I spent 2 days on the way back trying very hard not to be seasick!  Other than that it was great fun.

I have been making a few things see below.  I will keep you informed on how I am doing at the shows.