Thursday, 7 July 2011

Yes, I am still around!

Just realised I haven't written in my blog since May.  I have been so busy - I haven't made any jewellery since then either. 
We moved to Hursley and the last of our possessions are coming from Somerset on 15th July - can't wait, although we will have so much furniture - we need to get rid of one bed and probably some other things. 

The sale of our Somerset house fell through and it is back on the market which is annoying but what can you do eh!

Still settling in here - went back to London once to get my teeth done and am going again next week for a further dental appointment.  May need to find a local dentist.

Had a great holiday in Sardinia - I definitely recommend it.  The weather was so hot.

I have to go now and sort out my studio and then maybe make some stuff.  S&M are fine - they love it here as at the back of the garden there is a wooded area where they can run around.  They have so much freedom compared to London.  Not sure the postman is thrilled about them.  All the neighbours here are lovely and Richard is settling into his commuting to London. 

No jewellery so you will have to make do with a couple of holiday snaps.