Wednesday, 1 March 2017

sand casting rings (again)

Yes, I have been making rings again although I said I wouldn't do anymore due to sizing issues!  A friend showed me some rings she had made and I was off again.

I did amazingly well over the Christmas period, my sand cast jewellery was very popular and I am so pleased because I love making it.  My husband Richard has been helping me as some larger things are not so easy to do.

Talking about not so easy, I had a commission for a lady in Scotland to do a particular shell and have now made three in total with another commission pending!  They are quite heavy and need hallmarking but they are very unusual.

I am so glad Spring is around the corner and I feel inspired due to having just had my first sale in my Etsy shop!  I was so surprised that at first I thought it was a scam email.  It wasn't and it has now spurred me on to do more to get people looking at my website and my Etsy shop which is relatively new.  My shop on Etsy is called Lynette Silver as I couldn't have my website name as that was taken apparently.  Do go over and take a look.

Anyway, my first selling day of the new year is this month and I am ready for it.  My time off was supposed to be January/February but that didn't happen due to commissions and having to re-stock after my bumper Christmas.  I will leave with some piccies of commissions, sales and new rings.
pelicans foot shell
Etsy first sale
commission for a friend

commission for a friend

commission for a friend